Should we all be depuffing our faces by submerging them in a bowl of ice?

We’re all down for taking Bella Hadid‘s word for it when comes to beauty hacks, but can submerging your face in bowl of ice really help depuff your face?

In a recent series of Instagram pics and videos, Hadid posted a clip of her full on dunking her face amongst the ice cubes, and WOW. 

We decided to look into the process to see if the pain and/or shock of freezing your face for a few seconds (ouch!) might be worth it. 

Turns out it could be a process worth trying, according to Mehmet Göker, a dermatology specialist at Vera Clinic.

“Depuffing your face is a trend that involves massaging ice cubes onto your skin as the action can tighten and contract the skin, leaving it sculpted and plump,” he tells GLAMOUR, advising that Bella Hadid’s chosen beauty hack can definitely help you out with puffy skin. 

“It can reduce eye puffiness, shrink the appearance of pores and soothe inflammation. The process boosts the blood circulation around your face. Overall, this trend isn’t damaging to the skin, although the extreme change in temperature can cause redness and discomfort.” 

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Göker also has some extra ideas when it comes to minimising discomfort from the coldness. “If you choose to try this hack I recommend using the ice cube to gently massage onto your face in circular motions for a few minutes, if the ice is causing discomfort you can also opt for wrapping a thin cloth around the ice or use an ice roller for relaxing experience.”

Ice rollers – a device that massages and cools your face while reducing inflammation – are super popular on TikTok, particularly when tackling early morning undereye puffiness or cheeks that need a little bit of life smoothed into them. 

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Others have taken one ice cube and smoothed it along their cheeks, jawline, neck and under-eye area to minimise puffiness. It may seem like a less practical plan than a roller, but could be worth trying before you invest?

Either way, we’re headed to the freezer to try out Bella Hadid’s latest beauty hack ourselves.

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