The Venue For London’s Joyful Dopamine Land Experience Has Now Been Revealed

Imagine entering a world that has taken all your wildest childhood daydreams and brought them to life in one brilliant, happiness-inducing experience. Well, Dopamine Land has made that world a reality, and to prove it isn’t just a figment of your imagination they have now announced exactly where you’ll be able to find them this spring: does Old Brompton Road in South Kensington ring any bells?

The venue is 79-85 Old Brompton Road to be exact, once home to Christie’s Auction House. There may no longer be any decadent furnishings and priceless paintings inside, but instead you’ll find an entirely new type of treasure. Dopamine Land is a multisensory experience that delivers a much-needed hit of happiness through a combination of innovative technology and colourful installations.

a silhouette of a person at dopamine land

You can embark on a mesmerising journey through vibrant rooms that have you smiling from ear to ear. You’ll feel especially sky high in the Bubble Room; equipped with a bubble gun so you can help fill the luminous space with some irresistibly poppable orbs, no doubt inspiring some childhood nostalgia. Speaking of nostalgia, remember those days when pillow fights were a regular occurence? When a hurricane of feathers would fill the air and your heart would lurch with glee every time you made a successful dodge? You’ll get the chance to unleash your inner child (and maybe get some long-awaited revenge on a swing-happy sibling) in the Pillow Fight room.

Not only that, there’s also a Popcorn Room conjuring up the feel of stepping inside a popcorn machine – along with plenty of the delicious snack to munch on while you’re there – and even a room where you can channel action hero vibes while navigating a labyrinth of lights and visual effects to find your way out. Dopamine Land knows relaxation is also key to contentment. In one enchantingly immersive room, you can soak up the soothing feeling of being in the great outdoors among digital nature.

two friends at dopamine land

Clearly, this exciting immersive experience should be top of your list if you’re looking to escape reality for a bit and reconnect with your emotions. Make sure you grab tickets now, circle the date in your calendar and prepare for 50 minutes of multisensory magic.

Dopamine Land: A Multisensory Immersive Experience

From £13.50