The best Trinny London products that are genuinely worth your money, as Trinny Woodall launches a range of exfoliants

Trinny London – Trinny Woodall’s trending, eponymous makeup and skincare line – has become a mainstay in our makeup bags since it launched back in 2017. And for good reason. Forget ingredients you can barely pronounce and products that take serious skill to apply. Trinny’s beauty brand keeps things simple, sticking – for the most part – to formulas that can be applied with your fingers while still delivering pro-standard results. And the Trinny Tribe (yep, it’s a thing) are obsessed. 

Need proof? Over the past four years, the products on have enjoyed sell-out after sell-out after sell-out. Take the T-Kit Brush Set, for example. It’s a genius 3-in-1 makeup brush which racked up an impressive 15,000-person waitlist after selling out. Elsewhere, Miracle Blur sells at a rate of one pot every 23 seconds (it has sold out four times (!) since it launched – once in 24 hours), while the cult BFF Range (BFF SPF, BFF De-Stress, BFF Eye) sells one product every four seconds.

Most recently, Trinny London’s skincare story began, with the launch of two nourishing cleansers: the Better Off gel cleanser and Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser. Now? They’re ready to introduce us to the next chapter of their skincare range: exfoliants. Taking social media by storm *already*, Trinny London’s game-changing new products balance highly active, glow-boosting acid exfoliants with nourishing, hydrating ingredients to support the skin barrier and help you reach your skin goals.

There are three exfoliants to choose from: the Tiptoe In PHA exfoliant, a PHA formulation which is the perfect choice for increasing radiance and hydration, the Find Your Balance BHA Exfoliant for acne and blemish-prone skin, and the Reveal Yourself AHA Exfoliant for anti-ageing. Follow with a luxe moisturiser for best results.

PHA Exfoliant Tiptoe In

AHA Exfoliant Reveal Yourself

As for Trinny’s personal favourite product? “Good old Trinny London’s BFF SPF, because the sun’s coming out and I like to put that on before I do anything,” Trinny told us. “It’s like my brushing my teeth, I also can’t leave my house without wearing my BFF. I’m also loving anything that is a quick fix right now, something that immediately makes me feel fresh and awake, but without having to do a full face of makeup.”

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