How To Braid A French Plait

A French plait is the hair style that means business. Whether you need to keep your hair out of your face for a busy day or you need a cool style for a festival, a French plait is always the go-to. But learning how to braid the style, especially in your own hair, can be a skill that needs practice (and patience). 

To help you master the art of braiding a French plait, @jadamaridanielle is here with an easy, six-step tutorial. Practice always makes the perfect plait. 

Gather a section of hair at the front of the head. 

Split this section into three equal parts.  


Pull the far left section over the middle section before pulling the far right section over the middle section. 

Gather hair from each side of the head to make sections of hair on the left and right side larger. 

Pull the left and right pieces over the middle piece. 

Repeat the steps until the braid is complete and secure with a hair tie.