These lymphatic-drainage massages will give you the best cheekbones of your life

“Boosting circulation, bringing fresh nutrients through blood flow to the skin, supporting healthy cell production, as well as taking a little moment for yourself, are all major benefits,” explains Abigail. 

As a general rule, use the pads of fingers or a massage tool to gently press along the skin, starting in the middle of the face and work up and out towards the ears, before gently bringing it down the neck. 

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The top at-home face massage tools

“In terms of tools, obviously you can use your hands, which are the perfect tool, but you can also use gadgets to give a different effect and feel,” says Abigail. 

Guasha: This is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has a smooth crystal shape with different curves to use on different parts of the face. It is often jade or rose quartz and is ideal for draining, lifting and brightening, and perfect for neck and shoulder tension.

Jade rollers: Another old school holistic method with a smooth roller, often with two sizes to roll across the surface of the skin then focus around the eyes with the smaller.

Foreo: A silicone covered facial cleansing and massage devise, this vibrates with a T-sonic vibration to work deeper through muscles and tissues to really boost results. Think vibrator for the face.

Clarisonic: Smart profile uplift, your usual Clarisonic with an upgraded massage head, you still get the brush head for cleansing plus a separate massage head, which can be used daily. This has a knuckling and kneading effect massage.

Abigail’s most common questions

How often can I do face massage at home? Once to twice a week is fine, you might find that some methods are easy to add into your daily cleansing routine with a cleansing oil or balm.

How long to see results? At-home lymphatic face massage is not a quick fix or one-trick-wonder; it’s intended as an ongoing support alongside your skincare routine. I have some clients who are elated with the results and others who just enjoy the process.

How young is too young? Lymphatic face massage is non-invasive, a great relaxer and safe facial boost. Younger skins may flush quicker so go gently and a few times a month is fine for 16-year-olds and over. From the age of 25 onwards, we are physically ageing so help nature out a bit and factor in a few moments of massage.

What do I massage with? Any plant-based oil or balm is perfect. Serums and moisturisers are not for massaging with. Avoid brightening oils as these might cause the skin to over flush.