Mirrored manicures are everywhere right now, and these ones are elite…

Mirrored manicures are just one great thing to come out of the revised Instagram algorithm (finally, chronological feeds are back!). Once again, I can rely on some really fricken’ good nail art consistently hitting my feed. And lately I’ve been seeing nail artists like Eri Ishizu stanning mirrored manicures, such as the icy stiletto set she recently gave Lizzo.

For those brave (and talented enough) souls who do their own nails at home, I tapped Ishizu to give some pointers, suggestions, and product recommendations required to create the perfect metallic nails. 

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Chrome nails are trending big-time thanks to Maddy from Euphoria

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“If you’re using non-white topcoats on gel polish, only cure for about 15-30 seconds with UV light,” she says.  Ishizu advises repeating the application process twice to make sure to get the same coverage of chrome powder with gel. Apres makes an array of gel extension products that Ishizu keeps in her nail kit, like Apres Gel-X long Stiletto nails and the brands’ Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat.

I can’t help but hop on board a good nail trend, and mirrored manicures will have their chance to shine at my next appointment. Ahead, you’ll find a mood board that ranges from minimalistic to intricate designs. Help me decide which one to pick.