The internet is going crazy for Fresh, the rom-com horror starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones

Surpassing its horror elements, Kahn added that the film serves as a social thriller which is “grounded from the female perspective in the dating world”, together with highlighting “this feeling that I think only women understand. This subconscious way we operate in the world — where we park, do we have our keys, is our friend on speed dial. Things that men don’t think twice about.”

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The film also stars rising stars Jojo T. Gibbs, as Noa’s straight-talking best friend Mollie, Andrea Bang as Ann, Steve’s long-suffering wife Ann plus Dayo Okeniyi and Charlotte Le Bon. 

We don’t want to give too much away, but we can confirm it gets weird, it gets nightmarish, and it gets bloody and violent. 

Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures