13 pieces we’re buying from, as the brand profiles their epic team of female designers for International Women’s Day‘s story started with a problem. Of course, the founding stories of most online furniture stores as successful as do – but this one had a bit of a difference. Cast your minds back ten years-or-so.’s co-founder was furnishing his new home, when he became frustrated at the lack of stylish, good quality yet affordable sofas on the market. The high street interiors world was largely dominated by IKEA – and IKEA only – with the vast majority of shoppers heading to the IRL high street for fear of buying a wardrobe/set of ready made curtains without seeing them first. 

The idea behind was clear: Chloe Mackintosh, Ning Li, Brent Hoberman and Julient Callede wanted to collaborate with independent designers from across the globe to create pieces that style-savvy shoppers would love, minus the mark-up. And the best bit? Everything would be available to buy online only (genuinely: game-changing circa March 2010). Think: trend-led bed frames, armchairs, coffee tables, office chairs and dressing tabes that wouldn’t cost your entire pay check. And so, was born. 

Since then, the homewares powerhouse has worked with a plethora of young designers, black designers and female designers to ensure they stock a far-reaching edit of trend-led, good-quality pieces – often Scandinavian in influence – which every influencer in the land adores. 

The team are often profiling designers who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to be seen, which only elevates our adoration for them. Case in point: their International Women’s Day campaign “She Made It”, which sees the brand celebrate the incredible female designers they work with every day. While the industry still lacks female leadership globally, these women – from Christine Standeisky to Laure Grezard – are turning the tide with their creative achievements. has also partnered with London’s The Flowerhouse Pub to launch a brand-new concept apartment – situated above their female-led public house – packed with pieces by the female designers who help make so epic. It has been designed to be the “ultimate Instagram home” by its co-founder Jo Jackson and the female creative team at MADE. The space echoes the mission of the pub below it, and emerging female talent will be invited to utilise the space for photoshoots, podcasts and social media content creation. So. Good. 

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What to shop for at

We’ve scoured the entire website so that you don’t have to, to compile a chic edit of pieces that feel worthy of a spot in your home. All designed by women, obvs. As a general rule of thumb? GLAMOUR editors make a beeline for when they’re after pieces of contemporary furniture that save space in smaller abodes. Think: small dining tables, sofa beds that double up as epic spots for sitting and sleeping, and desks for small spaces. Our only recommendation? Prioritise styles marked with “express delivery”, ‘cos you can end up waiting a little while for those that aren’t. 

Elsewhere, we’re pretty partial to garden furniture (it’s really chic and stylish yet substantially cheaper than options elsewhere on the internet) as well as their really lovely cushions, vases and bedroom lighting ideas. And as for female designers in particular, don’t miss Katie Gillies, whose terrazzo homeware is to die for. She owns a Nottingham-based business which has gone from strength to strength of late, with her epic terrazo mirror leading the pack. Her advice to aspiring female designers? “Putting yourself out there, taking risks and going with your gut feeling. I’ve found that putting myself in uncomfortable positions is the best way to learn.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Let’s not be mistaken:’s best pieces are well worth paying full price for, but when a promotion drops, we lap up the chance to update our boudoirs. The brand actually only runs a few select sales every year – including their Cyber Weekend bonanza and their epic summer sale – plus a few clearance sales to boot. Right now, you can save up to 30% on everything in their clearance sale section, from lighting and cushions to sofa beds, bed frames, actual sofas, rugs, cutlery sets, accent chairs and more. Miss it? You can save throughout the year when you shop with our discount codes.

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The 30% off sale just got better – these are the pieces I can’t stop thinking about

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