adidas Is Hosting Free Running-Inspired Events In Its Flagship Store On Oxford Street

Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a total beginner, or you made running your lockdown hobby – you all need to know about the new adidas Solarglide 5 running shoes. Historically, running gear has been designed for men, hindering the ability of female athletes to access their energy to its maximum capacity. But adidas are changing the game with their carefully developed and extensively tested Solarglide 5 trainers, designed to provide the best possible fit for all women that run.

To celebrate the launch of the incredible new Solarglide 5, we’re working with adidas to host a series of free events in their flagship store on Oxford Street. Each one is dedicated to the women’s running community: helping female runners reach their full potential, learn about proper recovery techniques and how to train around their menstrual cycles.

Check out the new Solarglide 5 here and download the free adidas app to sign up to events here.

adidas solarglide 5

Try the Solarglide 5

At the adidas Oxford Street flagship store you’ll have the opportunity to try out the Solarglide 5 and really put them to the test on the treadmills. Visitors to the flagship store will also have a weekly chance to win a pair of Solarglide 5 running shoes. Run a full-out sprint in store and the sensors will record your time on a leaderboard against other customers. And each week the runner with the fastest time will take home their Solarglide 5 trainers. Think you can sprint? Give it a go!

adidas running events flagship store

adidas Solarglide Events with Secret London

Each event hosted at the adidas flagship store champions all women that run and gives them a chance to try the Solarglide 5 in action. Guests will be treated to delicious snacks from Soul Deli, an amazing free goody bag of running-related treats, and get 20% off Solarglide 5 trainers bought in store. And, don’t forget to get your new Solarglide 5 purchase customised at the personalisation station too! You can sign up to each event via the adidas Creators Club here.

Why We Run

faye townsend adidas event
Nutritionist, Faye Townsend

Running means something totally different to everyone. To some, running can be a kind of therapy, it can be a chance to get outside and connect with nature, a way to de-stress and unwind, or just a means to stay fit and active. The ‘Why We Run’ event on Wednesday, March 16 will celebrate all the many reasons we run as well as the powerful effect of running on the body, the mind and the heart.

Guests will join an amazing line-up of all female talent, for a panel talk hosted by adidas runner Grace Rowland in conversation with Life Coach Amira Mansour and nutritionist Faye Townsend. The event will take place beneath the backdrop of an amazing mural dedicated to running, designed by women-focussed social media brand, Freeda. Guests will be invited to add their own artistic expression of what running means to them to the mural too!

Download the adidas app and sign up here.

Strength In Recovery

charlotte homes yoga adidas event
Body & Mind coach, Charlotte Holmes

We all vaguely know that stretching and recovery is good for us. But if you join our ‘Strength In Recovery’ workshop on Sunday, March 20 you’ll learn exactly how good for you it is and why you really shouldn’t skip it! You’ll learn how active recovery is essential for runners – aiding sleep, reducing the risk of injury and preventing that annoying muscle fatigue to maximise performance.

Guests will enjoy a free guided run around central London led by adidas Runners LDN coach Elle Linton, starting and ending at the adidas flagship store. This will be followed by a recovery workshop with body & mind coach Charlotte Holmes, designed to provide post-run physical and mental rehabilitation. Stretch it out with an active yoga for runners session and enjoy a short, rejuvenating meditation.

Download the adidas app and sign up here.

Power Cycle

Lillie Bleasdale adidas event
Running coach, Lillie Bleasdale

When that time of the month arrives it’s common to feel like you’ve been hit by a steam train, which can leave you feeling disheartened about your performance and perceived ‘lack of progress’. Which is why it’s so important to consider your cycle and energy fluctuations when planning your schedule – working with your body, not against it.

Join an amazing all-female panel at our ‘Power Cycle’ talk on Thursday, March 24 for an honest and open discussion about menstruation. You’ll learn more about the common physiological changes associated with the menstrual cycle, what type of exercise works best during each phase, and how you should be fueling your body throughout. Join adidas Runners LDN coach, Georgina Hayfron in conversation with running coach Lillie Bleasdale, nutritionist Maddy Weaver and founder of Bloody Good Period, Gabby Edlin. ‘Power Cycle’ is all about empowering guests to harness their cycle and putting an end to the shame and taboos surrounding periods.

Download the adidas app and sign up here.

adidas free running events flagship store

All the Solarglide events will be hosted at the adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, and you can reserve your spot for them here. But, don’t worry if you don’t bag a spot, as adidas will be hosting even more great workshops and classes at the adidas London Women’s Studio on Brick Lane. Don’t forget that all event guests will get 20% off any Solarglide purchases in store too!