This TikTok filter shows *exactly* where to apply contour on your face for ultra-defined cheekbones

If you’re yet to grasp how to expertly contour your face à la Kim Kardashian, fear not. Our friends over on TikTok have all the answers.

ICYMI: the video-sharing platform is the unofficial home of tried-and-tested beauty hacks, from the eyeliner tape hack, which makes getting ready x1000 quicker, to creating the perfect cut crease using eyelash curlers

There are also plenty of contouring hacks to try out, such as the rainbow contouring hack, which saw GLAMOUR editors paint the entirety of their faces with cream bronzers, blushers and concealers. We’ve also tried the micro-highlighting technique, the bone structure-defining concealer hack, and even Euphoria-inspired makeup. Our verdict? We simply can’t get enough. 

And it looks like we’ve got a new hack on the horizon, as TikTok has introduced a filter that shows the exact lines you should contour on your face to achieve the highest cheekbones. Intrigued? Here’s what we know so far… 

One of our favourite TikTok MUAs, Mikayla Nogueira, shared a video demonstrating how to use the filter, saying, “Apparently, this is where you’re supposed to contour your face,” adding that the lines were drawn “so high” up her face.

She explained, “When I want definition, I typically contour right here [Mikayla points to her cheekbone, in line with the centre of her ear] but this filter wants me to contour all the way up here [this time, she points to the top of her cheekbone, in the line with the top of her ear.” 

She proceeds to apply her contour as she normally would on one side of her face (the viewer’s left) while using the filter to apply her contour on the other cheek, “on the top of her cheekbone [compared to] in the hollow of it.” You can see the results, here: 

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After applying a full face of makeup, Mikayla admits to preferring the side of her face that she contoured using the filter. And she’s not alone. One person commented, “It does look good!!! It makes you face more elongated !! If that’s a word!,” while another added, “The higher side def lifts your face. I gotta try this! Looks great!!”

Mikayla then posted a follow-up video explaining where to apply your blush when using the filter. She said, “As weird as it may seem, I’m gonna put the blush way high,” as she applied a cream blusher near to her eye line. 

She added, “This is gonna keep that lifted effect. If I put it [too low] it’s gonna bring my face back down […] I’m gonna keep the blush in this really concentrated area and you can even take it above the brow.” You can check out Mikayla’s technique, here: 

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

If you’re still not convinced, MUA royalty, Nikkie Tutorials, even had a go at using the filter. In an Instagram video captioned “this changes EVERYTHING 😱,” she trailed the filter, saying, “I’m sceptical about this one” and pointing out that the filter was instructed her to bronze where she’d normally apply highlighter.