Kew Gardens Is The ‘Most Instagrammable’ Botanical Garden In The World, According To New Study

After what has felt like an extremely long (and chilly) winter, it’s finally entering spring season in London. And what better way to mark the longer days and brighter skies than taking a trip to Kew Gardens; which, incidentally, has just been named the most Instagrammable set of botanical gardens in the WORLD.

Yeah, that’s right. Apparently we don’t have to jump on a plane to gawk at some world-famous and wonderous sights, because the top dog is right on our doorsteps.

According to this new study by OnBuy Greenhouses, London’s very own Kew Gardens blew the competition out of the water to be crowned top spot.

The results were calculated by the number of Instagram hashtags, and Kew Gardens’ impressive 744,491 figure dwarfed the next best spot – Longwood Gardens (USA) – which scored 288,975. OnBuy’s study praised Kew Gardens for housing the world oldest plant, the cycad, which has been alive since 1775 and has around 5,000 hashtags of its own. It is also, of course, home to the largest living plant collection on earth, and has a Guinness World Record to prove it!

The USA was the country with the most Instagrammed botanical gardens, with seven gardens in the top 20 of the list. Australia boasted two inside the list, but every other country mentioned (including Brazil, France and Morocco) in the list came up once — so it’s a good job Kew Gardens nabbed that top spot!

And, it’s not even the first rodeo for Kew Gardens in this area of study. Just last December, they claimed the second spot for boasting the most Instagrammable Christmas market in Europe, which you can read about here. Now, it’s all about Spring at the prettiest Botanical Gardens in the world, so why not take a trip there to celebrate this victory?