This Lovely Lovely Park Is Full Of Beautiful Daffodils Right Now

Green and pleasant parks are just one part of London’s unending charm, but come early spring, one park turns a vibrant shade of yellow. That would be St James’s Park, one of the city’s eight Royal Parks and the major beneficiary of the one million daffodil bulbs planted across the Royal Parks each year. The daffodils are currently in bloom, so if you’re itching to gaze across a sea of nodding yellow flowers, then you know where to go!


As you’d expect from a park lying within the sightlines of Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park is pretty immaculately kept at the best of times. However, I’d argue that the emergence of the daffodils each spring shows the park in its best possible light, as the flowers carpet the ground in a stunning showcase of seasonal beauty. The daffodils are by no means the only sight to enjoy right now, as the park’s crocuses are also reaching their peak. Plus, you can work in a visit to St James’s Park pelicans, who’ve been a fixture in the park for 400 years.

If you’re planning a picnic with a friend on a sunny day, then a sojourn amongst the daffodils could be a pretty dreamy afternoon. Catching the daffodils is just the warmup act for the full beauty of London in spring – with tulips, cherry blossoms, and azaleas all coming into bloom soon.

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