The New Season Of Top Boy Has Just Dropped On Netflix

Few shows right now give off the feel of a true “moment” when they drop quite as much as Top Boy. For starters, the show was pretty much revived due to pressure from its devoted fans (including Drake, now a producer) – so you can tell the reverence that people have for it.

Today (March 18) marks the release of the second season in its current form, although it’s technically the fourth outing when we include the original Top Boy: Summerhouse in the mix.

Image: Chris Harris/Netflix

With eight new episodes, we’ve got our first fix since September 2019, with the shows stars Dushane (Ashley Walters), Sully (Kane “Kano” Robinson), Jamie (Michael Ward) and  Little Simz (Shelley) all returning for their roles.

Top Boy: Summerhouse first aired in 2011, set around a fictional council estate in Hackney. The show looked to be over after 2013’s second season, after it was dropped by Channel 4. But Netflix – and long-time champion of the show and part of the new creative team, Drake – stepped in, and the series was revived, much to the delight of its large fanbase, to return in 2019. Season four of Top Boy is out now on Netflix as of March 18.

We won’t drop any spoilers in here, but those who watched the last series know that there’s plenty to look forward to this time around.