This jaw contouring hack is so simple yet so effective

Everyone loves a good makeup hack. Whether it’s how to make your highlighter pop even brighter, how to blend your makeup so smooth that it looks like skin, or exactly where to apply contour on your face for ultra-defined cheekbones, there’s no shortage of genius beauty tips and tricks across Instagram and TikTok.

Which is why it’s no surprise that beauty guru @Nikkietutorials has found an even better way to get your face snatched.

On her Instagram account she shared a mini makeup tutorial to her 15.4 million followers, trying out a new jaw contouring technique for getting that chiselled jawline. She applies her Makeup By Mario contour stick across her jaw – but here’s the hack – she then applies another layer of contour 2cm, horizontally above the first line! What?!

After she blends the contour into her skin, she highlights with translucent powder using a beauty blender, to set the makeup; and dusts the excess away with an angled fluffy brush.

Even Nikki says “That’s new for me”, because how can such a little change make all the difference? This is how, by applying the first line it creates a ‘false’ jawline and the second one below acts as its shadow giving the illusion of having a defined shape. We’re trying this jaw contouring trick out ASAP.

Nikki could be considered as one of the founding mothers of the beauty influencing industry. She’s been producing content for over a decade, including makeup challenges, tutorials and having guest stars such as Adele, Jade from Little Mix, Meghan Thee Stallion and so many more. 

With a combination of 34.3 million followers across all her platforms it’s safe to say Nikki knows what she’s talking about when it comes to makeup and beauty, and we should take her word for it.