How To Contour

Contouring is the ultimate beauty skill and the one that gives the best results. Ever since Kim K dropped that Instagram post of her mid-contour look, we’ve been obsessed with perfecting the art of contouring. We really thought we had reached peak contour hacks, then TikTok came along and a whole new world of contouring tips were dropped. So, how do you actually contour? What is the fastest and most effective method? is here with all the tips on how to achieve the perfect contour. 

Apply Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Stick Contouring to areas where you want to add depth and shading. This is usually around the sides of the forehead, along the base of the nose, under the jawbone, and just underneath the high points of the cheeks. 

Cool toned products will give the illusion of a shadow and will make your face look slimmer and more chiselled.