The UK’s First Ever Hot Cross Buns Café Is Coming To London Next Month

The sun is shining in London this week, and we can confirm the good vibes will extend for a few more weeks, as the UK’s first ever café dedicated to Hot Cross Buns opens on April 5.

To be quite honest, I can’t believe it’s taken until 2022 for this to happen, but the penny has finally dropped and we have Tesco to thank for the act. Coming to Shoreditch, the café will offer multiple menus to realise the true potential of the tasty snack.

I bet you didn’t know you needed a five-course hot cross bun fine dining experience, but now feel at least a little intrigued as to how that would work – and how delicious it would be! But, if you’re more of a brunch and afternoon tea lover, then there’s also dining experiences to suit just that!

Ticket prices for the experience start at £5 for children (excluding the five-course dining package), and the café will remain in London for one week, with all proceeds going towards Tesco’s charity partner, the Trussell Trust.

Visitors can also expect some truly unique concoctions, including the “vegan Hot Cross Bangers and Smash”, “Hot Cross Scones” and “Hot Cross Bun Espresso Martinis”. We’ll take all of those, please!

Those not able to make it to the café, don’t fret. Special products will be available at Tesco in-store cafés between April 4 – April 17, including the decadent Hot Cross Bun ice cream sandwich.

Tesco Hot Cross Bun Café bar

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer said: “After two years of pared back celebrations, we wanted to do something special to bring people together this Easter – both through the Tesco Hot Cross Bun Café experience, and with this year’s products.

“The hot cross bun is very much having a moment in 2022, as reflected by our focus on quality at an affordable price along with innovation in this year’s ranges. We wanted to make sure that this year’s was our best, but also go one step further and create a memorable Easter experience that allows hot cross bun lovers to enjoy our extensive offering in a variety of new and unexpected ways, while celebrating with family and friends.”

Just what the doctor ordered this Easter. One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns! 🎵

Book your spot at the Hot Cross Buns café here (some spaces will be reserved for walk-ins each day). It’ll be open from 10am until late from April 5 – April 10, and you’ll find it at 46 Great Eastern Street London, EC2A 3EP.