The best floral perfumes you’ll want to spritz all spring long

Florals don’t just have to be for spring. Floral perfumes are one of the biggest fragrance categories for a reason – we’re actually naturally hard-wired to find floral fragrances irresistible. Before there was iCloud or Netflix, there have always been flowers. Really, they’re a gift from nature, wrapped in soft petals rather than silky ribbons – and who doesn’t love a gift?

Yep, there’s something innate about finding joy in flowers, and different blooms project different vibes. Given the variety and species of flowers are endless, it means there are floral notes out there to suit all different aspects of our personality.

And, even though floral perfumes have a reputation for being feminine and soft, contemporary fragrance pairings mean they don’t necessarily need to lean into old tropes. Florals can be brash, masculine and sultry, just as easily as they can be pretty, light and sweet. Just look at our gal, rose. Modern scents have helped shift the old-lady reputation of rose perfume. These days, you can find her hanging with leather, lychee, patchouli and a whole new squad of co-conspirators.

We’ve put together an edit of the GLAMOUR team’s absolute favourite long-lasting florals so you can find a new signature scent, whether you’re after something classic, cool-girl or a little bit kooky. Enjoy.

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These are the very best spring perfumes, from new launches to the classics 

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