31 ways to tie back short hair, from the micro bun to the mini braid

We love short hair. It’s bold, it’s brave and it looks incredible. There’s just one drawback. Lop your hair off above your collarbone, and it can make tying short hair back a hassle. Anyone who’s tried to scrape their jawbone-length crop off their face will be familiar with “the nub”. The teeny, tiny stub of hair that just about forms a low ponytail with a little coaxing. Go even shorter, and the different length layers mean a weensy top-knot or steggy buns (the ones that look like the back of a dinosaur) are pretty much the only options available.

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84 short haircut ideas for women: From buzz cuts, to jaw-skimming bobs

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Kind of. We’ve scoured the net for the best short updo inspo out there for short-haired gals. Turns out there’s plenty of new twists on short hairstyles. Really, really short cuts can benefit from headbands, embellished clips, shower-fresh slick-backs and even tiny braids (we’ve seen it done). Meanwhile, lobe-length chops open up the possibility for simple touches like ear tucks (v chic), undone topknots and nubs or mini ponytails or poufs. You can even achieve face framing baby braids. A little longer and you might even get a dinky bun out of your strands (adorable and utterly chic).

As for our hair inspo, celebs like Sarah Paulson, Kate Mara, Ruby Rose, Janelle Monae, Lucy Boynton and Cara Delevingne can all show you how it’s done, having worked with some of the industries top hair stylists to work out some beautiful and unusual styles. Likewise, street-style veterans like Vanessa Hong and Ellie Delphine know what works. Finally, our hair crush, Taylor Lashae has taken her bob about as short as you can go, grown it out, then chopped it short again, so she has a fair few examples of how to ensure awkward lengths always look chic.

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