‘One layer makeup’ is the latest beauty trend for a super easy, minimalist glam look

We’re calling it: one layer makeup will be an absolute gamechanger. The concept? Well, instead of applying a layer of foundation, followed by a layer of concealer, blusher, bronzer, and highlighter (that’s what? Five different layers?), you simply apply all the products you intend to use at once and get blending. 

The idea is that you dot each cream-based product on your face exactly where you’d usually apply it, mist your face with a bit of setting spray to keep the product damp and blend the dots from lightest to darkest. 

Plenty of MUAs have taken to TikTok (AKA the underrated hub of beauty trends) to test the hack, including @chloemorello who shared her take on the trend as she was “so sick of cakey makeup looks.” You can check out her video, here:

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She explains, “The key is to use a setting mist. This stops the product from drying out so you can blend it. But it also infuses the makeup with the setting power of your setting spray.” She recommends blending the colours from light to dark, starting with the concealer, followed by the blush, then bronzer and contour. 

The best thing about the hack? Well, Chloe explains, “This is technically a single layer of makeup – even though I’m wearing five different products.” She explains that when she uses this technique, she looks “so natural” and it stays on all night. 

Another TikTok user, @kyliekillzzzz, attempted the trend using broader strokes of product – rather than the little dots. It looks messy, but we think it could work. You can watch her take on the one layer makeup hack, here: 

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Kali Ledger also trialled the one layer makeup hack, posting on Instagram, “super easy routine because you only need a good concealer and bronzer for this.” You can check out her super easy tutorial, here: 

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In her video, she recommends that during the blending stage, you use a different makeup brush for each product. Need to expand your makeup brush collection? Check out GLAMOUR’s pick of the best makeup brushes sets

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