Unlock Your Inner Detective At This Unique Cocktail-Making Experience

With a certain group of friends, a quiet drink can sometimes transcend into something a little wilder, right? Well, how about a few drinks that take you all the way back to the 19th century? With a trip to H-Division in Shoreditch, you’ll be transported to Victorian-era London for an evening of mystery – washed down with a cocktail or three.

The new bar, which will open on April 29, is the brainchild of immersive hospitality group, Lollipop, and will see you attempt to solve the very real case of Jack the Ripper, supporting Chief Inspector Abberline in catching the elusive culprit. The detective work here will be in two parts: donning a hat and cape, you’ll decipher the clues leading to the infamous criminal, while simultaneously decrypting potentially the hardest code to crack: yourself. Well, your taste profile.

A computer sketch of the new H Division bar
Computer-generated image. Image: H Division

Throughout the two-hour, cocktail-making experience, the way you behave as a police detective will inform the ingredients of your personalised cocktails. The result will be an entirely bespoke set of drinks, catering to your tastes and personality. In the experience, you’ll use morse code to transmit these ingredients to the ‘central unit’ where a cohort of mixologists will map out the ingredients into perfectly proportioned cocktail recipes. The drinks will whet your tastebuds at H-Division itself, and you’ll also receive the recipes in a highly classified envelope at the end of the experience. As the drinks are totally tailor made, these mixes will never be used again at H-Division.

This bar will form part of the larger Shoreditch Funhouse (a sister venue to Lollipop’s Chelsea Funhouse and Hackney Funhouse). Within the building, you’ll also find an animated restaurant, serving up Japanese cuisine, and a lively bar dedicated solely to espresso martinis. H-Division will only be open for a few months, Wednesday to Sunday, and has already garnered a waitlist, so book your spot now.