We Might Be Able To Catch A Glimpse Of The Northern Lights In The UK Tonight

Now, the closest we ever get to seeing the Northern Lights in London is when Dan Acher brings his ‘Borealis’ art project to town. But parts of the UK might get extremely lucky tonight, as weather conditions are thought to be favourable enough for the Northern Lights to be seen over our skies. A strong geomagnetic storm, caused by a pair of solar flares, is likely to enhance the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, allowing it to be seen across Scotland and parts of northern England – clear skies permitting, of course.

Last night (Thursday March 31) provided a good opportunity to see it, but if you’re up in the northern reaches of the UK, tonight (April 1) also offers a chance to catch a glimpse. And, no, despite the timing this is not an April Fool’s joke! The Met Office explained that the further north you were, the better your chances of seeing it, with the advice to get to high ground and away from light pollution to ensure better visibility.

All of which means that the chances of seeing the Northern Lights from fair London are, alas, hovering somewhere around zero. Still, if you happen to be reading Secret London up north (hi!), tonight could be your chance to see one of nature’s greatest sights in real life!

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