Marble Arch Mound Will Return To London With A New Home Outside Buckingham Palace

Second chances are important in life. And whilst London’s first brush with Marble Arch Mound didn’t exactly go famously, we’re a forgiving lot here in the capital – which is useful, since the team behind it has announced plans to bring the hill back to London, in a brand new spot. This time, Westminster Council are eyeing up a spot opposite Buckingham Palace, gambling that a new view with a royal connection will help the attraction draw in the crowds.

In returning the original design, from Dutch architecture group MVRDV, the council are betting that it was really just the location letting the Mound down last time. Let’s be honest, whilst Marble Arch is a fine place, it’s doesn’t quite stack up to the fame and intrigue of Buckingham Palace, does it? Anyway, Westminster Council have had some from help from an anonymous benefactor who wants to see the Mound back, which should save a considerable amount of money off the £6 million spent on the original. And with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee falling in June 2022, it’s the perfect excuse for another eye-catching attraction.


Still, setting up in a new location means the Mound will need a new name, one creative and witty enough to capture the attention right off the bat…. hmm? They went with what, sorry? Yep, you’ve guessed it, this marvellous mountain will be christened as Buckingham Palace Mound. Well, at least they’re consistent.

Building work is expected to commence in early May, with the first visitors expected to climb the hill on the weekend of the Jubilee. The plan still needs to gain royal approval, but seeing as how the Tower of London moat is being turned into a wildflower garden (with a slide!) in honour of the big day, the council aren’t expecting any issues with Queen Elizabeth’s sign off. Seems like the return of Marble Arch Mound will be a right royal treat!

Would have been fun, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view of the Mound), this was our little April Fool’s Day joke!

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