10 Of The Best Spots In Town To Enjoy Waffles In London

Waffles used to mainly be associated with Christmas markets and all-inclusive, hotel breakfast buffets. But like so many of its dessert brothers and sisters, the status of London waffles has risen dramatically over the years to something of a staple in the land of the pud. So sit back, grab Google Maps and set about finding some of the best waffles in London. Don’t say we don’t treat you! 

1. Kula Café

Tucked away in Marylebone is this gorgeous little Swedish hotspot which serves some incredible waffles and some of the best hot chocolate you will ever try short of running off to Paris). Flavours whipped up at Kula Café include ‘Eton Mess’, ‘Oreo Fun’ and ‘Pistachio Takeaway’, and all are as good as they sound. If you’re really looking to indulge yourself, go for the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ – a delectable mix of waffle, oreo, nutella, sea salt ice cream, hot fudge brownie, marshmallows, glazed cherries and white chocolate.

You’ll find Kula Café at 21 James St, London, W1U 1DS. Nearest station is Bond Street.

2. Nosteagia

Nosteagia Bubble Waffle
Photo: @nosteagia

The sweet bubble waffles whipped up at Nosteagia were inspired by the popular Hong Kong street snack, the egg puff. Traditionally, they are made from batter and cooked in moulds to give them the unique bubble shape that we all know and love. Nosteagia have put their own spin on things by fusing this traditional recipe with European ingredients, resulting in a unique and tasty dessert.

Their classic waffles start at a very reasonable £4.50 and come with whipped cream and one sauce of your choice. But if you’re after something a little more indulgent, ‘Mr Oreo’, ‘Cookie Monster’ and ‘Caramel Biscoff’ are some personal favourites.

You’ll find Nosteagia at 16 Horner Street, London, E1 6EW. Nearest stations are Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street. 

3. The Cockery

The Cockery Penis Waffles
Photo: @thecockeryofficial

If you happen to be wandering the streets of Soho and are feeling a bit peckish, then we happen upon a rather naughty and nice option that hits the spot. The Cockery (as you might be able to gather from their name) are experts in the craft of erotic waffles because, well, conventional waffle shapes can get boring. In with the phallus-shaped waffles, everybody. Here you can try your waffle hot dog style (suitably named ‘The Hot Cock’, or opt for the marvellous vegan option: ‘The Lollicocks’.

You’ll find The Cockery at 47 Rupert Street, London, W1D 7PD. Nearest station is Piccadilly Circus. 

4. Zizi Factory

A phallic-shaped waffle served at the Zizi Factory
Photo: @londonfoodhype

In keeping with the phallic theme, Zizi Factory – set right in the heart of Covent Garden – also whips up a *ahem* dick-shaped waffle, as well as one which is shaped like a vagina. There are five varieties of each available, handily-named for reference. For instance, your ‘Lucien’ is a willy waffle, dipped in milk and white chocolate and finished with triple chocolate balls, whilst the ‘Yvette’ is a fanny-shaped waffle topped with milk chocolate and Speculoos biscuit. They’re all served on a stick, and reportedly each type of waffle offers a different experience. Better get down and see for yourself!

You’ll find Zizi Factory at 65 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9DA. Nearest station is Tottenham Court Road. 

5. Wafflemeister

The dough at Wafflemeister is made from a 1950’s Belgian family recipe – which you know are always the best kind – and therefore that pretty much guaranteed that it would feature on our roundup of the best waffles in London.  There are various different varieties of waffles you can find here, with everything from Belgian chocolate fudge and freshly-whipped cream to a scoop of gelato  or fresh fruits.  We say try the nutella waffle and wash it down with a signature hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Need any more proof? ‘Meister’ means master in German. ‘Nuff said. 

You’ll find Wafflemeister at various different locations in London. You can find out more here.

6. Waffle On

Found at both Mercato Metrapolitano and Maltby Street Market, Waffle On is home to some of the best waffles in London – trust us. Their signature waffles are made using fresh dairy ingredients, including Dorset buttermilk, and there are a whole host of savoury and sweet goodies you can top them off with. You can go for an all-day breakfast waffle if you’re looking for something relatively hearty, or there’s even a grilled French Melusine goat’s cheese, with blueberry coulis, a drizzle of honey and lavished with fresh figs and blueberries. Sounds pretty dreamy to us.

You’ll find Waffle On at various different locations in London. You can find out more here.

7. Bubble Wrap Waffle

This Soho stalwart has been making these sweet treats since they first opened up in 2017. Ever since, there have been queues all throughout Chinatown, with people desperate to eat some of these delectable and chewy sweet treats. Get yours and fill it with all sorts like chunks of Cadbury chocolate, Oreos, gelato and if you’re trying to be slightly more healthy, some fresh chopped fruit and additional sauce. Bubble Wrap Waffle also do some plant-based options too.

You’ll find Bubble Wrap Waffle at 24 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6QJ. Nearest station is Leicester Square. 

8. Utter Waffle

Winner of a People’s Choice Award in 2020, Utter Waffle has really got something good going. Originally catering events with their swanky food truck called ‘Reggie’, they now have opened up their own restaurant in Herne Hill opposite Brockwell Park, meaning you can get all the waffles you want at any time of the day! They’ve got all kinds of things on offer here – including a bottomless brunch – but we’d go for ‘The G.O.A.T.’ – a mozzarella & thyme-stuffed waffle, topped with grilled goat’s cheese, parmesan, onion jam, red pepper purée, marinated olives, walnuts, rosemary honey and rocket. Yum, yum.

You’ll find Utter Waffle at 119 Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0NG. Nearest station is Herne Hill. 

9. Mister Waffle

Just a stone’s throw from Nine Elms tube station, Mister Waffle is all about fluffy waffles and tasty toppings. They’ve currently got 17 different varieties on their menu, with toppings including crushed digestive biscuit, toffee sauce, butterscotch syrup and fresh banana slices. For something really special, go for the ‘Maple Tree Waffle’ – a delectable concoction of waffle, Canadian maple tree syrup and cinnamon powder.  

You’ll find Mister Waffle at 112 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2LB. Nearest station is Nine Elms. 

10. Duck & Waffle

The famous duck and waffle at the Duck and Waffle restaurant
Photo: @duckandwaffle

We couldn’t end this roundup of the best waffles in London without mentioning this one. If you’ve not yet made your way up the Heron Tower for brekkie, you must get Duck & Waffle‘s signature dish when you do. The combination of crispy duck leg confit and a fried duck egg, both served on a crisp yet fluffy and delicious waffle, is surprisingly delightful. It’s topped with a tangy, mustardy maple syrup for the perfect amount of sweetness alongside the savoury. It’s not the cheapest of London breakfasts, but as well as a lovely meal, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best views in London.

You’ll find Duck & Waffle at 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY. Nearest station is Liverpool Street.

So there you have it! A roundup of ten places to get some of the best waffles in London – get ready to enjoy all that sweet and sugary goodness.