21 silk pyjamas you’ll also want to wear outside

Silk pyjamas are a luxury a lot of us find ourselves daydreaming about from the moment we leave the house. Slipping into a fresh pair at the end of the day is the ultimate kick start to winding down for the evening; self-care in its simplest form.

While you may think they’re best reserved for winter, now is actually the perfect time of year to invest in a silk pyjama set.

Experience with silk bedding and silk pillowcases has taught us that the lustrous fabric is highly breathable – particularly if you opt for its purest form – with thermal control properties that’ll keep you from being chilly in the winter and overheating in the summer. It’s also the best material to reach for when picking up a face mask if you suffer with acne, and works like a charm in scrunchie or hair wrap form, too. Genius.

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There will always be room in our wardrobes for cotton and flannel PJs, but it’s the sumptuousness of silk nightwear that reserves the biggest spot. Not only is the material naturally thermo-regulating, it’s also hypoallergenic and beneficial for your skin. It absorbs far less moisture than other textiles – meaning it won’t soak up all that body moisturiser you’ve just slathered yourself in.

Some of our favourite designers and brands have dreamt up iterations of silk pyjamas that you can wear outside the house, too. Olivia von Halle, Morgan Lane, Nadine Merbai and SKIMS are just a few examples of loungewear lines that could easily pass as daywear when paired with some box-fresh white trainers or a pair of mules.

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Whether you’re in the market for silk pyjamas to wear in front of Netflix or are considering a pair to wear out and about, shop our favourite picks below.