Jennifer Lopez cut her morning skincare routine down to under 5 minutes

If you’ve been watching this space, you know Jennifer Lopez — the queen of glowy skin — has a remarkably basic morning skin-care routine

Back in July 2021 the JLo Beauty mogul demonstrated her four-step process, which included That Hit Single gel-cream cleanser, her signature That JLo Glow serum, and That Big Screen moisturiser with broad-spectrum SPF, which combines two of the most important aspects of any skin-care regimen. Jennifer’s final step — which was more of a suggestion — was to take one of her That Inner Love supplements, which promise to “fight the signs of ageing where they start.”

However, routines are meant to be broken, and the Marry Me star just hit Instagram to give her followers an update on her morning routine—which is still just four steps long and takes under five minutes. 

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After cleansing her face in the shower (step one), Jen continues her routine by practically smothering her face in her favoured serum, which contains an “antioxidant-rich, 4-part olive blend of squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil, and leaf extract,” according to

“Putting on my serum as usual—morning and night. Vitamins for the face. I like to think of it like taking my vitamins first thing in the morning,” she explains in her Instagram video, letting the serum “soak in” and “tighten” before moving on to the most important step: the sunscreen.

With only about 40 seconds of her routine left, JLo has replaced her supplements with her That Fresh Take eye cream, which she puts underneath her eyes as well as between her brows. “It’s always nice to have a little extra moisture around those places,” she says, adding that it also helps make sure your makeup doesn’t get “cakey.” 

Of course, if you really want to do your morning routine exactly like Jennifer Lopez, you may want to consider speaking some words of affirmation in front of the mirror. JLo keeps a whole box of ’em next to her shower! 

“[I] feed my mind first, my soul, with an affirmation,” she says. “Not looking at the phone yet, just setting myself up right for the day with the right intentions and the right thoughts…being positive. And then the next thing: skin care.”

Sadly for Brits, JLo Beauty doesn’t currently ship to the UK, but you can buy some products through US Amazon (you’ll just have to pay shipping and import fees). 

This story originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.