The ‘legs on wall’ pose is being praised for improving sleep, headaches, and digestion. But does it actually work?

It’s perhaps no surprise that the ‘legs on wall’ pose is taking over TikTok at the moment. After all, it’s so simple that you can scroll TikTok while you’re doing it. 

The legs on wall pose is very much what you’d expect, it involves lying on the floor (perhaps using a blanket to prop up your hips) and stretching your legs up against a wall. It’s a far cry from the more ~intense~ wellness trends that have taken over the app in recent weeks (we’re looking at you, 12-3-30 challenge). 

In fact, some TikTok influencers claim the pose can relieve all manner of health concerns, from alleviating stress and anxiety to improving circulation, digestion, and aches and pains. And it’s fair to say that people are interested; the hashtag #legsonwall already has 3.1 million views. 

One TikTok user (@morgslee_) shared a video stating that the legs on wall pose “increases lymphatic drainage,” “relieves tension in lower back, legs, and feet,” and “relieves swelling and pain.” 

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Another TikTok user (@lexnicoleta), tried doing the pose for 15-30 minutes, every day for a week. She explained, “The biggest thing I noticed was that the pose alleviated my anxiety. It allowed me to breathe better and made me feel like I was getting better sleep.” 

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Granted, we’re always on the hunt for trends that can improve our overall well-being, but we’re wary of anything that purports to be some kind of ‘miracle cure’ for all. 

That’s why we consulted Anisha Joshi, who has 12 years of experience as a qualified osteopath and has even won the award for ‘Principal Osteopath of the Year’, to find out everything you need to know about the legs on wall pose.

According to Anisha, “Having your legs on the wall may improve headaches because you’re giving your body time to rest and relax. In [my] clinic, many patients who experience headaches are usually experiencing them because of stress or lack of sleep.”

She also notes that the claim about the legs on wall pose improving circulation is well-founded, explaining that, “elevating your legs on the wall can help with lymphatic drainage in your legs. If you suffer from swelling in your ankles or knees, after putting your legs on the wall you may notice a reduction in this swelling or fluid retention.”

While there’s no specific evidence, according to Anisha, to show that the pose can improve digestion, she notes that it “may improve circulation and consequently this may help your digestive tract function better,” adding that, “you’re also stretching your lower back which may decrease any abdominal or lower back tension.”

As for alleviating symptoms of stress? Anisha explains, “putting your legs on the wall and lying still for several minutes is naturally going to make you relax. However, I’d argue that you’d probably feel just as relaxed if you lay flat on the floor for several minutes.” 

Similarly, she argues, “relaxing every day and being still is a form of mindfulness. So it will help with stress and consequently, this will impact your sleep.”

“I don’t recommend this exercise to my patients specifically, however, I do recommend meditating if I believe that anxiety or stress is contributing to their pain. This may be sitting upright or lying down and concentrating on their breathing.”

Finally, we asked Anisha whether there were any safety concerns to consider before attempting this pose. She explained, “I don’t think there is anything too dangerous about doing this, however, I would be wary if a pregnant woman was going to do this or someone who has acute sciatica. 

“It’s always best to seek professional advice before attempting trends online.”

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