All the famous brides who have walked down the aisle wearing Valentino

If you’ve currently got a ring on your fourth finger, there’s a high chance that *certain recent events* have seen you lusting over the idea of a Valentino wedding dress…

If you’ve been living in a hole (or, of course, just have a life of your own) you may have missed the pretty major wedding that took place this weekend.

Coming close in scale to that of a royal wedding, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday, and – whether you went looking for it or not – it was *everywhere*, from social media feeds to newspapers, magazines and even overheard gossip down the local pub. So if it did manage to pass you by, we can’t say we’re anything but impressed.

But for all the grainy ‘pap’ pictures doing the rounds, there was inevitably that one shot that everyone was hoping to see; Nicola in her much anticipated wedding dress.

It had already been widely reported that the American actress would be wearing Valentino, but the overall look of the dress was kept very much under wraps until Vogue revealed their exclusive images of the beautiful bride on Sunday.

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Utterly striking in its simplicity, this was a gown which stood out for all the right reasons; an elegant square-neckline, a magnificent train, and bang-on-trend but equally timeless opera gloves made of the finest French lace.

“The simplicity of it was magnificent,” recalled Leslie Fremar, Nicola’s stylist, according to Vogue who revealed that the dress was originally a ‘highly intricate’ gown which changed as soon as the bride first tried on the toile. “We didn’t have to overly detail the dress to accomplish the magnitude of it, so we ended up eliminating the embroidery.” 

It was, according to Leslie – the woman who dresses everyone from Julianne Moore to Charlize Theron – “the most beautiful dress she has ever seen”.