Therabody has released a game-changing percussive massager for your face which offers six (!) different facial treatments in one

There’s a pointed head that delivers targeted massage to smaller spots like your under-eyes, jaw and naso lines, a flat head that can be used on your face and neck and a micropoint for increasing circulation. They’re all made from easy-to-clean silicone and actually feel much more comfortable on your skin than their appearance would suggest – relaxing, calming and stress-releasing. You can choose from three massage intensities, each hitting a 3mm muscle depth (much shallower than your OG Theragun, which would hit 16mm), for a truly customised experience. From a light massage right through to a jaw-rattling treatment aiding in lymphatic drainage. 

All of the above massage heads can be used at the same time as the LED attachment for a two-in-one treatment. Think: facial massage at the same time as targeted light therapy to the areas of your skin you need it most. With the easy switch of a button, you can change between red light (which helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles), blue light (which is antibacterial for reducing the appearance of acne) and red light with infrared to soothe sore spots. 

As for the cleansing ring and microcurrent attachments? You can’t use these in conjunction with the massage gun heads, but rather as separate treatments entirely. The gentle silicone ring can be used in conjunction with your normal daily cleanser for deep cleansing and exfoliation, while the microcurrent therapy attachment serves up tiiiiny shocks and zaps to lift, tone and contour your face. I genuinely noticed a more “snatched” effect immediately after using it. Just make sure you use the Conductive Gel, which comes included with the TheraFace Pro, to protect your skin from getting zapped. 

How does the TheraFace Pro fit into my existing skincare routine? I’ve been applying my Elemis Cleansing Balm to my face each morning as usual, before using the cleansing ring for a deep, exfoliating massage. Once my skin is dry and cleansed, I’ll use the LED ring alongside one of the massage heads – most commonly the red light for a more glowing complexion. If I use the blue light to target any break-outs I might be suffering from, I won’t use the massage head at the same time, because this spreads unwanted bacteria around. Next up: application of the Conductive Gel, use of microcurrent attachment for lifting and tightening, application of my favourite facial serum and – if my skin is puffy first thing in the morning – a gentle, cooling treatment. 

What are the TheraFace Pro Hot & Cold ring attachments?

You can purchase a set of hot and cold ring attachments separately if you want the full TheraFace Pro experience, for £79. They come in a cute leather carry bag, which is insulated enabling you to pack them away immediately after use. 

The Therabody Cold Ring plays on the benefits of cryotherapy, reducing puffiness in an instant. It feels lovely on your face and can be used as much or as little as you like. There are three different temperatures – 1, 2 and 3 – which can be switched between easily, to intensify the treatment. The Therabody warm ring serves up a relaxing facial, helping your skin absorb the active ingredients in your moisturiser and serum and make your complexion glow.

TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings Black

TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings White

Does the TheraFace Pro work?

This FDA-cleared, all-in-one facial health device offers more multi-functional, science-backed facial therapies than any other product on the market. Conducted with different ages and ethnicities to test the effectiveness of the product, the results of the TheraFace Pro have been impressive. Need proof? 94% of participants reported their skin looked healthier overall.