This empowering TikTok account is the lesson in self love and healthy body image we ALL need

Updating your TikTok feed? Enter the joy-giving Msendoo Mbachilin, or @Kamsendoo, who is rapidly earning the well-deserved title of “favourite person on TikTok” in the comments sections of her videos.

Why? In her monologue-style, ultra-positive videos, she’s literally the hype woman we all need in our lives – from inspiring body confidence to sassy pep talks for those bad days we all have.

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Msendoo’s most popular video to date – standing at 5.1million views at the time of publishing – is her ‘summer body’ video, in which she proudly dismantles the ‘beach body’ stereotype while enjoying a day on the sand in her bikini.

“My summer body ladies and gentlemen,” she captioned it, telling the camera: “Ladies and gentlemen… ladies. My summer body. I present to you my summer body guys. Look, look, look. You guys are mad. All of you saying, ‘I’m waiting for my summer body’.

“If you don’t put [on] a bikini and follow me, I will leave you. Because how can you wait for something that is hot and ready? Hot and ready. Serving tits, serving stomach realness. Look at these thighs. Come on… you’re mad, guys!”

Can we get an amen?

“Oh so there’s royalty for real on this app huh?” one fan responded, with another adding: “Your energy is everything.”

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

In her most recent video, Msendoo mused that she’s starting a support group for those that are “too beautiful”, proclaiming, “heavy is the crown!”

“I’m starting a support group soon. Send this to someone you would invite,” she wrote in the caption. 

“I finally figured out what your problem is, I finally figured it out. It’s ‘cos you’re too beautiful, right? Heavy is the crown! Don’t worry, I suffer from the same issue. We’ll figure it out together! Beauty! I figured it out.”

“We need to start a support group. This crown getting real heavy,” one viewer replied, with another agreeing: “I’m coming to all the meetings!” Where do we sign up?