This extra-powerful sex toy is almost too good (we’re talking multiple orgasms)

I’ve always wondered whether multiple orgasms were a myth. I know some people have them, but I personally have a long “refractory period,” during which I couldn’t go again if I wanted to —which I do. But when I first tried the Satisfyer Pro 2, I was able to have three orgasms in one night (though not one session). Obviously, I wanted to know more.

The original Satisfyer is known for its suction technology, which creates air waves around the clitoris like a little vacuum. In case that’s not enough, the head also vibrates. That translates to, for me at least, a much faster orgasm — it takes me only a minute or two to finish compared with my usual 5 to 10. The latest version of the Satisfyer, however, ups the ante even more. It has plus and minus buttons that make its power modes simpler to control, a wider head for more comfort, and a quieter motor in case someone’s in the next room. The biggest difference I noticed, though, was that on the highest setting, it’s even more powerful than the last, which both terrified and intrigued me.

I tried out the standard pink Satisfyer Pro 2: Next Generation and the Satisfyer Pro 2 Penguin: Next Generation, whose handle and head are both smaller than the standard one and shaped adorably like a penguin with a bow tie. (The Penguin’s head is a bit less cushioned but more concentrated, whereas the larger one is comfier with a more diffuse sensation). 

I first tried out the regular pink one, and after experiencing the familiar one-minute, a sneaks-up-on-you orgasm that I had the first time, I decided to do an experiment. While I was fooling around with my partner, I asked him to use the Penguin on me on the highest setting. It got kind of painful when he didn’t place it precisely where I wanted — the risk of an über-powerful sex toy — but once he got the hang of it, I went over the edge immediately. Then, after a minute of kissing, I told him, “Try it again.” To my surprise, my legs were shaking within a minute again. Another brief kissing interlude later, I was feeling bold. “Again,” I told him. It was getting uncomfortable to keep going at that point, but the Penguin quickly managed to get yet another orgasm out of me.

This was bringing out a whole new side of me. I felt greedy. I felt insatiable. I felt limitless. I felt like a sex goddess.

Despite the fact that my clit was aching by that point, I was too curious to see how far this could go to call it a night. So I used the sex toy again while we had sex. The fourth orgasm took longer, but sure enough, it arrived. Afterward I was curious how the standard pink Satisfyer compared, so I held it up to my clit and, whoops, had another one.