27 best Eid gift ideas to bring joy to all your loved ones

Eid al-Fitr is a festival celebrated by Muslims around the world to mark the end of a month of fasting, and includes traditions like giving Eid gifts to friends and family.

With the final ten days of Ramadan just around the corner, the end of the holy month for Muslims around the world will be with us before we know it. What surprises many is that despite the difficulty of fasting, I, and many Muslims, will miss this time of year. The late nights at the mosque, shared meals with loved ones and sense of community evoked by Ramadan are all elements that make this such a cherished time for Muslims.

However, the end of Ramadan does mean the festival of Eid-Al-Fitr is almost upon us. Eid-Al-Fitr is known as the Festival of Breaking Fast and, this year, will fall from May 1 to May 3. It’s usually celebrated by dressing up in new clothes, visiting loved ones and consuming delicious food – much like Christmas.

With the pandemic affecting Ramadan and Eid over the past two years, this year has been extra special – visits to the mosque have not been restricted, restaurants are open for the evening Iftar meal and there are no limits on time spent with family and friends. With this in mind, Eid celebrations are sure to be even bigger this year, especially as it coincides with the long weekend of the Early May Bank Holiday. Enter: our edit of Eid presents that scream Happy Eid.

Growing up, I remember always receiving Eidi (money gifted on Eid days) from the elders within my family – and despite being grateful, as a child, I’d immediately compare this to the mountains of gift-wrapped presents you’d see under the Christmas tree in films. 

Over the years, however, gift-giving on Eid has become the norm. That said, shopping for Eid gifts can be challenging. Unlike Christmas, the stores aren’t filled with collections of Islamic gifts curated with Eid in mind. Which is exactly we have rounded up 27 of the best gifts for Eid across home decor, chocolate gifts and beauty – carefully curated to bring joy to your loved ones.

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