This East London Woodland Is Currently Full Of Beautiful Bluebells • Wanstead Park

We’re always after some quality flower-spottage here at Secret London. The chill of March, followed by a balmy late April means all sorts of bloomin’ is happening at once – like this sea of beautiful bluebells in Wanstead Park. Honestly, what could be better than a sea of bluebells, gently nodding in the late spring breeze?

We’re psyched to see all these gorgeous bluebells blooming, a sure sign that summer isn’t far away. A wander through the woods will cure your blues and have you feeling proper peaceful. The nearest station for this bucolic spot is Redbridge, in Zone 4 – just 23 minutes from Liverpool Street, so not too shabby for such an aesthetic slice of spring. The large park contains open spaces, woodland trails and peaceful ponds to explore, and a small visitor’s centre that’ll sell you an ice cream.

But mostly, Wanstead Park will treat you to lots and lots of these late spring scenes. Aren’t they just drop dead gorgeous?

Bluebells don’t hang around for too many weeks, so go pay them a visit while they’re in full bloom and fill your social media feed with blue!

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