Apparently, this hot ‘n’ cold hair hack is the key to *instant* volume

Volume: your hair either has it or it doesn’t. Or so we’ve been led to believe. In fact – as social media is sharing beauty hacks left, right, and centre – we’re pretty sure that when there’s a hairdryer, there’s a way. 

Whether you’ve got super-fine hair or not, we could all do with an extra dose of volume now and again. And luckily, Instagram has just the thing. 

Helen Reavy, a hairstylist and founder of Act and Acre, recently shared her top tip for maximising volume. And it’s even got Laura Whitmore‘s approval, so it must be good. 

In the clip, Helen uses a hairbrush to section her roots, brushing down then back up again – like a very muted – and more hair-friendly – version of back brushing. She then blasts the section of hair with five to eight seconds of hot air, before treating it with three to five seconds of cold air. She then releases the hair, brushes it out, and voila! Instant va-va-voom. 

You can watch the clip here: 

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It’s fair to say people were impressed with Helen’s nifty hack, with Laura Whitmore commenting, “Love this!,” with another fan writing, “Mind blown! 🤯,” and another adding, “yes! the cold locks the style in space and can help tame fly aways [sic].” 

It’s the latest in a long line of hacks that have blown our minds (and seriously upgraded our beauty routines) recently. I mean, the GLAMOUR team have even been testing flour in place of setting spray – you don’t get much more dedicated than that. 

Elsewhere, we’re slightly obsessed with the new “braided highlights” trend that’s taken over our TikTok FYP: it’s a mega-easy alternative to, you know, bleaching your precious strands. If you want a simpler ‘do, we also recommend this easy French twist, which literally only takes a minute. 

Happy hairstyling!

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