Fake lashes have never been easier to apply thanks to this genius hack using eyelash curlers and strategic glue placement

Applying fake lashes can be a real conundrum – you don’t want them all wonky, and you want them to stay on for as long as possible. 

Luckily one TikTok beauty expert (@youngcouture) has rocked our worlds with a very simple suggestion to make our lives a whole lot easier, and we are here to share the joy.

Here’s what you need to do, according to her post: apply your glue under your lashes – not the eyelid – and then fit your set of fake lashes onto your eyelash curler. Then, line your curler up underneath your lashes (where the glue should be) and curl them onto your real lashes. Beautiful! 

Users have freaked out at this hack, resolving to give it a go themselves to see if it really can be that easy. One also asked if the lashes were difficult to remove after use after using this method, and our TikTok beauty gal replied that came off very easily, Wins all around.

“Wow thanks for making our lives easier” one user commented, with another calling the hack a “game-changer”. Simple and effective – just the kind of thing we need to add to our beauty regimen.

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But @youngcouture’s eye make-up hacks don’t stop there. She covers pretty much all beauty areas, but we are obsessed with her micellar water/eyeshadow hack. Of course, you can also use setting spray or plain old water for this, but this hack requires the make-up remover du jour.

She recommends dipping your eyeshadow brush into your micellar water, then spreading the brush across your eyeshadow of choice, immediately turning it into the consistency of an eyeliner. 

It gives what ever eye colour you use such a sheeny finish, we wonder if that’s from the ingredients in the micellar water. Incredible!

Think of all the colourful possibilities when it comes to lining your eyes, along with the foolproof method to apply your lashes. What more could you want?