How To Use SUVA Eyeliner

You’ve probably already seen, liked, and saved many graphic liner looks with the intention of finally getting round to nailing them. And you’ll probably already know, many have been created with the help of the masters of liner looks, Suva Beauty. Known for creating the brightest, most pigmented water-activated liners, Suva Beauty are known for helping to make an eyeliner armature feel like a pro. 

So, we’ve recruited the help of @tattylomas to create the ultimate Suva Beauty liner look, with all the hacks necessary if a steady hand and patience aren’t your thing. Keep scrolling for the tutorial and tips…

Activate your Suva Beauty liner by mixing with a wet liner brush, ensuring the product has a creamy consistency. 

Then, using a small amount of liner, dot out the shape of your design. 

Draw in your wing, making sure it’s at the right angle to connect with your shape. 


Begin connecting the dots in small smooshing motions and light pressure. This will ensure even distribution of product. 

Top tip: Make sure your brush is saturated with product to get the smoothest lines. 

Once all lines are connected, go in a correct the width so it’s even. 

Add in your wing. 

Dot out your second shape with a different colour and begin joining the dots, this time with a thinner line. 


Add in white accents to the bottom of your wing and inner corner. 


Add a winged-out lash with lots of separation to get mega drama. 

Be sure to let your Suva Beauty liner air dry before storing.