The UK Could Be In For Its Coldest Start To May In 25 Years

Weather wise, it’s been a blast over the last couple of weeks. London was doused in sun and temperatures peaked at 21°C over the Easter bank holiday. None of us were pining for summer, as it had already arrived. Or so we thought.

Something called a “reality check” looks set to be on the way; reminding us that, no, we don’t live on a Mediterranean island, but a much colder one with fickle weather. Duh.

Anyway, now that we’ve cashed in our toasty tokens, the bad spells are now overdue. And the UK could be paying the piper with its coldest start to the month of May in 25 years.

Some sub-zero conditions are projected next week, and they could make there way over to the UK. This would mean parts of Scotland and northern England could be in for a chilly start to May, and temperatures could drop to as low as -5°C.

Conditions in London won’t be quite as icy, but we’re by no means out of the woods on this one. Forecasters have said temperatures could still drop below freezing in the capital at night next week. In other words, that coat you’ve been neglecting over the last few weeks may need to be granted a second wind for 2022. If you weren’t already missing the Easter bank holiday weekend, you probably are now.

Check out forecasts across the UK via the Met Office.