The flicked bob hair trend is taking over and yep, we’re here for it

You’ll have noticed by now that the flicked bob hair trend is having a moment. The popular 2000s summer hairstyle has been popping up everywhere, much like the ‘Vacation glow hair’ and the plethora of Y2K fashion trends that have crept back into the mainstream. This resurgence, however, it’s one we’re mad about – especially when it’s done right. 

The look, which fell off the radar for years,  is making a strong comeback and somehow, it looks better than ever with flicked bobs being the perfect spring/summer 22 ‘do. The style originally takes inspiration from the ’60s  but has been revamped with a smoothed down finish and a subtle lift at the crow of your locks for a more modern take. 

“It feels young, modern and energetic,” says celebrity hairstylist Larry King. “It works brilliantly on a jaw-length bob.” All you have to do, he says, is “add a centre parting, smooth out hair with a round brush and flick the ends upwards. Then use the flyway kit to smooth down any flyways.” 

“With the help of style heroines like Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore, the flip hairstyle was one that defined the ’60s,” King adds. “Women would spend a significant amount of time and effort to create the perfect flip and make sure it lasted all day. Mary Tyler Moore helped define a new vision of American womanhood and appealed to an audience facing the new trials of modern-day existence and of course Jackie O. 

“Her signature hairstyle, a short, bob-like cut that flipped out at the ends, was copied by millions of women. Even global superstars like Diana Ross and the Supremes sported versions of the look made popular by the First Lady. The flip of 2022 feels fresh and energetic and is a perfect spring vibe.” 

The flicked bob hair trend is already all over social media, with celebrities, influences and beauty enthusiasts around the world trying it for themselves. So why not try it too? For a helping hand, you can use Larry King’s new Fly Away Kit. The genius set includes a tube of the brand’s ‘A Social Life For Four Hair’ cream, a mini comb with a soft brush to smooth down the top section of your hair on one end and a comb on the other to create shape, flicks and bends on the fringe to style your fringe. As it’s small in size, it’s perfect for keeping in your handbag and can be used to tidy-up your style throughout the day, especially if you’re out and about in a windy climate!

Sold on the look? Just wait until you see the all the chic takes on it below… 

Flicked out bobs with a fringe

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