Makeup by Mario just shared his genius eye-lifting hack using liner and fake lashes

Mario Dedivanovic, aka Makeup by Mario, is known for being Kim Kardashian‘s right hand man on all matters glam. His artistry skills knows no bounds and he regularly shares his makeup transformations on his social media pages, where, unsurprisingly, he has millions of followers. 

Recently, the makeup artist posted one particular video of a eye-lifting hack on his TikTok page that quickly reached viral status. In the video, Mario uses nothing but standard false eyelashes and liquid eyeliner to completely change the shape of the eyes and create a stunning lifted look.

The key to the look is all about the very precise placement of the lash strip, but first Mario recommends lining the upper water line to prep the eyes. “I’m starting out with the Master Pigment Pro Pencil in Master Black and lining the water line only. Then I’m curling the lashes and getting mascara on them.” 

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Next  Mario applies the strip of the false lashes directly along the lash line, as close as possible to the natural lashes, until just before the outer corner. “Take the eyelash strip and make sure to put it on the roots [of the natural lashes] at the inner and centre area,” he says. 

Then, the magic happens. Just as Mario reaches the outer corner, he lifts the outer flick of the false lashes and applies it directly onto the eyelid. “Before you get to the outer corner area you want to lift up that lash and fake it,” he explains. “You want to glue it to the actual skin of the eyelid, and make sure there’s a little space between the natural lash and the false lash. This is going to create that lift.”

According to Mario, if you follow the eye all the way to the outer corner with your falsies, it will actually drag your eye shape down, which is generally the opposite of what we want makeup to do. To finish, Mario takes a jet black liquid eyeliner and fills in the little gap between the natural lashes and the false lashes on the outer corner to disguise his clever trick and further lift the eyes.

The results are clear to see with an immediate elongated look and visible lifted appearance when compared to traditional lash application. Considering it’s such a simple trick and it has the stamp of approval by Makeup by Mario, we can’t wait to test this one out for ourselves.  

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