London Will Be Hotter Than Ibiza Throughout This Week

London’s had a couple of mini-heatwaves this year, but they haven’t quite been blessed with the gift of staying power. Sure, the weather over the Easter bank holiday weekend was lovely, but we want more of the same, please.

It’s safe to say that, in terms of the weather, May has kicked off in a nothing-sort-of-a-way. Neither torrential rain horrible, nor sunbathing in the park brilliant — it’s just been plodding along. Until tomorrow, that is.

Some more toasty temperatures are on the way, and London is due to be consistently hotter or as hot as Ibiza during this week. Hallelujah! We won’t bet on it staying that way throughout the summer; after all, we aren’t blessed with a Mediterranean climate; but it’s a start.

Take tomorrow (May 5), for example. According to Google Weather, London will enjoy a toasty 21°C, while Ibiza is forced to make do with a mere 19°C.

We won’t go rebranding London as a party island by the sea just yet, but we will suggest getting the barbecues out this weekend and prepare for those picnics in the parl. Hopefully, this is just the start, and the heatwaves keep on coming throughout the summer. May the odds be in our favour!