Never Have I Ever is back for season 3 – and Netflix has treated us to some sneak peak photos!

Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but it was announced by Netflix in March this year that the show has received “early renewal” for a season 4, too – which is set to premiere in 2023. It will, on the downside, be the final season, they also announced – but hey, we’ll navigate that mourning process when we have to. For now: two seasons and potentially 20 episodes of goodness are ahead of us!


From the looks of things, we can expect plenty of action from the next season, including fresh drama from the Devi-Paxton-Ben love triangle: Paxton being her long-term crush, while Ben is the close friend and one-time frenemy with which she’s had an on-off romance. 

Netflix/ Never have I ever- Twitter 

The images show Devi walking hand in hand with Paxton while their fellow students look on, shocked, and having what looks like a tense conversation with Ben by the lockers. 

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Release date

Never Have I Ever season 3 will premiere on Friday 12 August 2022, Netflix has confirmed. 

It is expected the release will follow the same format as the previous two seasons: with all ten episodes released on the premiere date, for your binge-watching pleasure. Keep your calendar free for that date, fans!