17 baby-changing bags that have the GLAMOUR Mum stamp of approval (because they’re functional and stylish)

Baby-changing bags – or nappy bags – reign supreme as one of the most important baby accessories for any new mum. Alongside a nursing bra, some maternity leggings and a comfy pair of maternity knickers, being armed with one of the best baby-changing bags will make your life as a new parent just that little bit easier. Especially on a lack of sleep. After all, the days of leaving your house with nothing but your phone, purse, keys, lipstick and a silk face mask are LONG gone.

But, the million dollar question: where can you find nappy changing bags that do their job (read: carry muslin cloths, bibs, milk bottles and other baby essentials) and which look as stylish as the rest of your trend-led wardrobe?

Here at GLAMOUR, we’re firm believers that becoming a mum shouldn’t mean your personal style is compromised, so we’ve sifted through the bad and the ugly to curate an edit of luxe baby-changing bags – from vegan baby-changing bags and faux leather changing bags to rucksacks and tote bags – that are recommended by GLAMOUR mums, for GLAMOUR mamas. They can even double up as your hospital bag, if you’re well prepared. We’ve got designer baby-changing bags (think: picks by Fendi and Moschino) right through to more affordable product types by Bababing, Jem + Bea, Pacapod, Skip Hop and Tiba + Marl.

Here are all of the most commons FAQs answered ahead of your baby girl or baby boy’s arrival – plus the most stylish baby-changing holdalls on the market.

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What is a baby changing bag?

Baby changing bags are essentially handbags, holdalls or backpacks that have been designed with need to carry all of your baby’s changing items in mind. They tend to have lots of pockets, attachments and storage compartments, all aimed at making your life a little easier. And some of them are actually quite chic.

Why do you need a baby-changing bag?

When it comes to leaving the house with a newborn, preparation is key. Sure, you may not need a change of clothes, 17 snacks, three clean dummies, five clean nappies, three toys, 37 wet wipes and a couple of bottles in one trip to your favourite local brunch spot… but what if you do? 

Your beloved designer handbag just isn’t going to cope with all the baby bits you’re going to need to carry for every eventuality – so it’s worth adding a proper baby-changing bag to your prep-baby wishlist. You could even ask for one as a baby shower gift.

What are some of the features of baby changing bags?

We spoke to Rachel Fitzd, Baby & Parenting Expert and Author, (@rachelfitzd) for her advice on what features to look out for in a baby changing bag. She said, “Firstly consider comfort – you will be carrying this a lot! A backpack can be ideal as it leaves your hands free for picking up and carrying your baby when you’re not taking your pushchair or pram.”

After comfort, Rachel recommended seeing if the changing bag is compatible with your pram. “It helps if it fits easily on your pushchair or pram and is robust enough to throw in the back of the car without the contents of the bag getting damaged.”

Next up? “Pockets, and lots of them!” adds Rachel, “You really do you want plenty of pockets as being super organised can save you hours in every week. The pockets should be different sizes and it helps if at least one is waterproof and has a zip.” 

Rachel will joining The Baby Show as a speaker for 2022*. 

What goes in a changing bag for a newborn?

Baby essentials like bottles of milk, muslin cloths, nappies, snacks, wet wipes (a God send) and baby clothes will all be crucial on your (once-in-a-blue-moon) trip out of the house. Most baby changing bags will come with a detachable changing mat, so that’ll go inside, too. Plus, you can use some of the pockets to carry your own essentials, like face mist, your purse and some nipple cream for breastfeeding

How long do you use a baby changing bag for?

How long is a piece of string? If you choose one of the most stylish baby-changing bags, you’ll be able to use it for long after your baby is just weeks old. But generally speaking, it’ll come in use for two-three years. Even longer if you’re lucky enough to have more children. That’s why it’s worth investing in a high-quality baby-changing bag.

What is the best baby-changing bag at a glance?

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