London’s Incredible Lavender Field Is A Purple Paradise • Mayfield Lavender Farm

Picture this: it’s a gorgeous summer’s day, and the wind gently ruffles your hair as you wander lazily through a field of lavender. Does that sound like perfection to you? If the answer is yes, you need to get yourselves down to Mayfield Lavender Farm. (If the answer is no, you clearly need to rediscover the joy in life, so head there anyway.) This perfectly purple paradise is opening for the summer season in June, and with plenty of open space and fresh air, it really is the place to be this summer.

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Peak bloom is around late June and early July, and you can guarantee one thing when Mayfield Lavender Farm hits top form: you’re going to see it all over social media. The place is hella ‘grammable – with photo shoots getting more creative each year – and it’s also the destination du jour for folks in need of a new Facebook profile picture.

Drawing the eye, and drawing the crowds with it, is the red London phone box standing proud in the heart of Mayfield Lavender Farm. You can’t make any calls here, but it makes for a dramatic centrepiece for your photoshoot. Having said that, it’s worth putting the camera down for a spell to drink in the beauty of this place. Cue cries of “if you didn’t take a picture, did you even go?”. Seriously folks, just appreciate this place with your eyes, not your lens.

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If your meanders through the lavender leave you feeling a little peckish, you’re well catered for. Mayfield Lavender Farm operates a cute-as-a-button café overlooking that sea of purple, with burgers, paninis, cakes, and a range of alcohol, including cocktails and a rather unique lavender cider, on offer. There’s also a coffee cart set up in the field for anyone who needs a pick-me-up to counterbalance the effects of all that fresh air and sunshine. Mayfield Lavender have also been known to lay on a picture-perfect afternoon tea, exploring the flavours of – yep, you guessed it – lavender.

The farm is also home to charming bee safari, and aspiring apiarists will want to join this tour, which features an introduction to beekeeping, and a taste of lavender honey, fresh from the comb. Really, it’s the dreamiest way to experience a charming English summer – although the farm’s tractor rides will surely provide an unbeatable throwback experience!

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Before all of that, the first thing you need to tick off your Mayfield Lavender bucket list is simply taking a deep breath. The welcome whiff of lavender makes this easily the best-smelling place in London, and you can take the scent home with you by visiting their nearby shop, which sells more lavender products than you can shake a stick at, including diffusers, hand creams, and bath bombs.

Though there’s never a bad time to visit, Mayfield Lavender Farm recommends coming on a weekday if you can, as they’re unsurprisingly a lot quieter. It’s also an excellent spot in a post-lockdown world, with the rolling fields of lavender providing in-built social distancing and lungfuls of fresh air. To conclude; it’s great for the ‘gram, and even better for the soul. Mayfield Lavender might just be heaven on earth. Catch it when it opens next month.

Practical information

£4.50 for adults, free for young people 14 and under. Dogs are permitted so long as they are kept on a lead and all messes are cleaned up.

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