The best remote control vibrators to use on yourself or with your partner

We can all agree that you don’t always need a partner in the bedroom to achieve the level of satisfaction you’re looking for. To put it bluntly, sex with someone else isn’t the be all and end all – and we’re die-hard advocates of going solo with sex toys. Think: bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators and wand vibrators (just vibrators in general TBF) from all your fave sex toy shops online.

‘Me time’ or self-care has a whole other meaning when that includes a happy ending (AKA an orgasm), but what do you do when you want to include your S/O and they’re occupied elsewhere? You invest in remote control vibrators, of course. You heard correctly, there are sex toys on the market that are operated by remote controls. This means that you can give your partner total authority while you sit back and…erm…you know, and they don’t even need to be in the room.

Think of the long-distance relationships – all those nights spent apart need no longer be so lonely with a remote controlled vibrator. Even if you aren’t far apart, sometimes needs must be met and these little toys seem to be a sure fire way of getting the job done – Fifty Shades style. There’s just something so appealing about the thought of your boyfriend or girlfriend being on the other end of the device, and clever too.

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Using a vibrator that you can control remotely allows you to subtly excite your partner at unexpected moments and explore something new. You can fool around when you’re out and about (foreplay on a whole other level), or during your date night dinner at a romantic restaurant, and set the tone for what’s to come when you get home. Pardon the pun.

The ones I’m talking about come in all shapes and sizes and, no, they don’t come with enormous TV remote-sized controls. Most of them are actually super discreet, with a lot of them slotting straight into your underwear or featuring handy little removal strings for when you’ve reached that all-important ‘O’. Remote, Bluetooth and app controlled designs all exist, so there’s something for everyone so grab the lube, get the massage candles at the ready and start exploring.

Which remote control vibrators are the best? Obviously everyone is different – some people will prefer internal vibrators while others will appreciate styles that target their clit more. In order to find out which design is best for you, have a play (literally) with a few. Discovering what you like and the different areas of the vulva that you enjoy is the most important thing before putting someone else at the hands of your pleasure.

When it comes to reviews, however, We-Vibe’s Melt toy takes the cake. It’s a clitoral vibrator that can be fully controlled via the discreet app on your phone and was developed to allow couples to fully experience the intense orgasms of Pleasure Air technology. The slim shape lets Melt slip between to people during sex, enhancing intimacy with precise stimulation. If you’d rather take the word of our readers though, these are the ones we see flying off the shelves on the regular:

Bondara x Rocks-Off Duet 10 Function Vibrating Remote Love Egg

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