Mean Girls fans, this deleted scene might have you seeing Regina in a whole new light

Even though Mean Girls came out almost two decades ago (2004, to be precise), it’s still the most quotable film for our generation. Say any of the following to a millennial, and they’ll know exactly what you mean: “You can’t sit with us”; “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”; “It’s October 3rd” – the list goes on. 

Its quotable one-liners are just one of the reasons we love it so much. Plus, who doesn’t adore a love triangle between three hot people (Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, Regina George, played by Rachel McCadams and Aaron Samuels, played by Jonathan Bennett). And then there’s the ending: that satisfying scene where we see that the ‘mean girls’ have all split and ‘girl world’ is drama-free: the Plastics are no more, Regina has joined the lacrosse team, Karen has become the school weather girl, Gretchen is part of the “cool Asians”, and Cady is back to hanging out with her true friends Damien and Janis – oh, and manages to bag Aaron, obv.

But what if what if Cady and Regina had actually had one final face-off? Well, a newly-discovered deleted scene shows exactly how the drama could have gone an entirely different way. The surfaced scene takes place after Regina fractures her spine after getting hit by a school bus (it still makes us shudder), and shows the two female titans run into each other for the first time since the accident at the Spring Fling event, in which Cady is voted queen (remember? Where she breaks the crown into pieces? Iconic).

In the scene, we see the pair have a chat in the bathroom, with Regina wearing her neck brace, and it shows a whole new side to Regina. Could it just be that the ultimate mean girl has changed? Well, this clip certainly seems to suggest so. 


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And viewers were quick to leave their own thoughts on the deleted scene: “The last scene should have been kept in as it would explain Regina’s character arc and how she changes by the end of the film,” wrote one, with another commenting: “I love the last scene. It explains a lot about regina not being so selfish anymore”.

Another added: “The last scene of cady and Regina in the bathroom should have stayed in.”

We’re sensing a Mean Girls rewatch brewing, anyone?