An Incredible New Open-World Adventure Is Coming To London This Summer

Leave behind reality as you know it and step into the extraordinary world of Phantom Peak this summer. The brand new open-world adventure will be opening in Surrey Quays this August; a pocket of steampunk spectacle unfurling among the concrete labyrinth of London. This ‘Venice Of The West’ is an exciting, cinematic escape from normality, with interactive activities and an entire street of shops, bars and eateries, not to mention an actual boat ride and plenty of gripping escapades to get stuck into.

At Phantom Peak, fiction and technology are combined to become a large-scale, fully-realised town. It’s not cardboard cutouts of building facades and half-hearted shootouts, the minds behind Time Run and Sherlock: The Game Is Now have cranked things up a couple notches and unleashed the full force of their imagination. As soon as you cross the threshold you’ll be immersed in the buzzing townmeeting the locals, wandering along the waterway, ducking into the cavalcade of shops, devouring mouth watering fare – but keep in mind, there’s much more to the story than may first appear.

This idyllic town is drenched in a myriad of intriguing mysteries and, while curiosity may kill the cat, on this occasion it will be your best friend. Let your thirst for adventure fuel your day; whether that’s jumping in a boat to explore the hidden depths of the mountains, digging into the illuminating backstories of the townspeople or even picking up a newspaper to find some delicious clues about the many enigmas that lie beneath the surface of Phantom Peak. Secrets lurk around every corner here and you can become the hero of your own story as you seek to uncover them.

Of course, if you’ve had your fill of adventure and had something slightly more…leisurely in mind you can choose to simply enjoy Phantom Peak’s many other pleasures. With the soothing cascade of a waterfall and hum of bustling crowds setting the scene, you might fancy unwinding with a drink and a bite to eat on Main Street while taking in the sights of the mesmerising steampunk-meets-Victoriana town. Numerous carnival games and the odd sideshow can also be found on a meander along the canal. There’s no shortage of fun to be had in this immersive, multisensory wonderland. Make sure to sign up to the waitlist now if you want to beat the crowds and be the first to snap up tickets.

Phantom Peak: An Immersive Open-World Adventure – Waitlist