London Could Be Hit With ‘Blood Rain’ This Week As A New Storm Rolls In

No, we haven’t transported into some freaky real-life version of Mad Max, but we are set to get some pretty strange weather this week, which, thankfully, doesn’t spell the end of the world – as daunting as it may sound.

According to the Met Office, the UK could be battered with a spell of blood rain this week, putting quite the dampener on the heatwave we’ve now been enjoying for two whole days (a rarity around these parts!). Caused by a plume of Saharan dust (as opposed to actual blood), the cloud will pass over the UK this week at the same time as we are forecast to receive a bucketload of rain, resulting in a red-orange or browny tinge to the rain. The Saharan dust cloud will also cause red-orange skies, just as it did last March when it passed over, and may leave red dust on people’s cars.

Credit: Unsplash

Richard Miles, from the Met Office, said: “There are some dust concentrations in the atmosphere above the UK at present which might well be washed out in the rain tonight, but it’s likely to be relatively small amounts on the whole.

“There’s a warning out for thunderstorms for the south-eastern third of England tonight, and a squally cold front will bring wind and sometimes heavy rain to Northern Ireland and north-west Scotland this evening.

“Away from these features it will be mostly fine and dry on Wednesday and tomorrow, temperatures up to 23-24C in London and the south-east, high teens or low 20s elsewhere.”

London is expected to be hit with rain this Friday, as temperatures temporarily drop to the high teens for the weekend, following a nice little run of temperatures above 20 degrees with sunny spells. Fingers crossed for the rest of summer!