Discover Photographic Magic At This Immersive Google Pixel Pop-Up

Are you sick and tired of amazing photo opportunities being interrupted by unwanted distractions? Visit Google Pixel World of Magic at 55 Regent Street this May and discover a world of photo-editing wizardry. 

Inspired by the Magic Eraser feature on the Google Pixel 6, Google invites you to an unmissable immersive event, showcasing the incredible new tool in all its glory.

Wave goodbye to pedestrian photobombers interrupting group photos with your mates, and say adiós amigo to that totally irresponsibly placed bin that was ruining your scenic sunset pic.* 

The World of Magic is a truly magical land celebrating all the things that have been erased from photos across the nation. Now all those erased photobombs had to go somewhere – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that! Rediscover the erased items, living their best lives in a remarkable series of interactive installations, for a limited time only.

In the World of Magic, even the most mundane everyday objects can be inspiring and creative, you just have to see them through another lens. In this world, everything has its place, even if it’s not in your photo.

Start your experience in an unexpected photobooth and flash your best smile! Don’t worry about any unwanted distractions in your photo, Magic Eraser will ensure you get that amazing shot.*

In the World of Magic, every humdrum photobomb has the chance to take on a new lease of life. It’s also where you’ll be able to explore fantastic installations created using the erased objects from your photos!

Listen to poet and musician James Messiah’s uplifting poem, inspired by words from British road and street signs. The uniting message of this poem will be shared in an installation made up of the physical signs, encouraging us to celebrate life’s unexpected joys.

Or, walk through a forest of lampposts, ranging from the beautiful and ornate to the commonplace motorway variety. You’ll be able to control the lights and sequences, while also getting the chance to read the origin stories of some lampposts. With sheer imagination, this installation transforms the erased item into the star of its own show.

Entry to this awe-inspiring pop-up is totally free of charge, so put your creative cap on and come on down to 55 Regent Street this month. 

The Google Pixel World of Magic is bringing photo wizardry to 55 Regent Street between May 19-22 and May 25-29, open 12pm-8pm Wednesday-Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sundays. 

*Magic Eraser may not work on all image elements