An Immersive Code-Cracking Adventure Is Coming To Westminster This Summer

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to crack codes, solve mysteries and uncover hidden stories in a genuine World War II war room. Sound like your thing? Then, this summer’s immersive adventure at Operation Black Door will be right up your street.

At Imperial War Museum’s Churchill War Rooms in Westminster, you’ll be transported back to the Second World War to follow a fictional storyline and solve a mystery. Taking place on July 7, 8 and 9, Operation Black Door will combine all the best bits of escape rooms with a sprinkling of extra drama, courtesy of immersive theatre company Wet Picnic, to create a code-cracking adventure.

an actor dressed as a soldier at operation black door

The Churchill War Rooms were once a bunker, where government ministers, military strategists, secretaries, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill occupied during World War Two. Now a part of Imperial War Museums, this historic attraction will be the setting for your evening of mystery solving. You’ll be assigned one of five themed storylines, which will be linked to a skill required during wartime, enabling you to truly immerse yourself in the history books. If your history is a little rusty, fear not, the actors from Wet Picnic will be there to guide you along.

operation black door typewriter prop

You’re encouraged to come dressed for the occasion, in fine garments fitting of the fictional character you’ll be assigned – though don’t forget your 21st-century smartphone and earphones alongside your 1940s wear. The 60-minute experience is suitable for those aged 18+, and makes for a great evening of team building with your friends or colleagues.

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