Everyone’s utterly ~obsessed~ with Anne Hathaway and Zendaya’s short film for Bulgari

We don’t know about you, but we reckon there’s something of an Anne Hathaway renaissance going on. Granted, she’s had a steady film of iconic film roles over the past 20 years (Princess Diaries has our whole heart), but in 2022, she seems to be entering a new realm of effervescent stardom. 

Case in point, the actor recently starred in a short film by the Italian luxury company Bulgari, alongside fellow Hollywood royalty, Zendaya, in which the pair modelled the brand’s latest collection of jewels. 

The film, which was shot in Rome and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, sees Anne and Zendaya also take on narrating duties, saying, “In the search for wonder, there are no endings. Only beginnings,” as they wander around a luxury estate, each looking as beautiful as can be. 

You can watch the full video, here: 


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At about one and a half minutes in, Anne Hathaway and Zendaya also enjoy an interpretative dance together – cue lots of twirling. 

The campaign is Anne Hathaway’s first for Bulgari, after she was announced as one of the brand’s latest ambassadors during the Cannes Film Festival, where she also modelled several Bulgari pieces on the red carpet, including a royal blue sapphire necklace. 

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