Aperitif spritzes are going to be the drink of summer 2022, so here are 13 aperitif to transport you to the Amalfi Coast

An aperitif is by no means a new alcohol phenomenon, and some of the most popular aperitifs – namely Aperol and Campari – have been around for about a century. Likewise, an Aperol or aperitif spritz has been a popular drink in Italy since the 1950s. But now, in 2022, it would seem that everyone from the Amalfi coast to the shores of Lake Garda are getting their aperitif fix – and we want in on the action. 

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Though Aperol and Campari are, of course, delicious household names by this point, there’s actually a whole host of different aperitif’s available to buy online, and they’ve all got something different to offer. You can even get non-alcoholic aperitifs like this Tuscan Tree orange flavoured drink. Our favourite? It has got to be Hotel Starlino’s Elderflower aperitif. With a refreshing and tangy flavour, not to mention blending excellently with tonic, Starlino is the drink we want in our glasses this summer.

Convinced? Whether you’re after something sweet and thirst-quenching, like this Pampelle grapefruit aperitif, or a more bold and rich serve like Dubonnet’s red grape aperitif, we’ll have just the thing for you, right here. 

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